Relieve Managers

Matt Hayes


I grew up in Clemson but have known the Harbin family since I can remember. In youth group, I can remember Russell going to work for his family at the various locations (back when they were only in Anderson). When it came time to get a job in high school, I knew exactly where I wanted to work. I started working at Skins’ in February 1999 at the Clemson location as a junior in high school. I continued work there through graduation and into college where I attended Clemson University for 3 semesters. A couple years after leaving school to pursue a music career, I took a leave of absence from Skins’ in the fall of 2003. I re-connected with Charles Getsinger after a few years of hiatus (as we had worked together in Clemson prior to him becoming a manager) and knowing that my schedule had opened up a bit, he urged me to get back in touch with Skins’ about returning. I returned in fall of 2007 as extra area help. I worked that way until the summer of 2008 when I trained and became a relief manager. I enjoy moving between stores and working with all the different workers and managers.