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My Daddy, Loyd (SKIN) Thrasher started our business in 1946. I am a shareholder in Skins’ and have been in the business since 1985. Matt, Wayne and I started our first expansion store in July of 1988 after making sure we had a thorough working knowledge of our product and operational methods. I am married to the former Beth Cromer. Beth and I have two lovely daughters and have We have been blessed with 5 grandsons. I am an avid sport fan and enjoy watching my grandchildren play sports and perform musically even more.

I am a shareholder of Skin’s Hot Dogs. I started my career with Skin’s Hot Dogs January 2, 1986 at the “Original” Skins’ location. I received all my training from the founder of this company the late Loyd “Skin” Thrasher for which I am truly thankful for his guidance and training. I trained in all areas of the company from making hotdogs, waiting on customers, learning the operation of the business. I look forward to many more years with Skins’ and opening more Skins’ locations. I married my high school sweetheart Becky Thrasher. We were married on August 4, 1973 and we have three children: Kelley Harbin Beak is the oldest. Her husband is Todd Beck and they have two daughters Haley and Taylor and a son Parker. Kelly worked for Skins’ in high school and college. Todd also worked for Skin’s while in college. Russell Harbin, is married to Jacquelyn Cooper they have two children Landon and Kaybree. Russell started working for Skins’ in high school and college. He is the manager of our Market place store. Jacquelyn has worked in our stores also. Kristen is our youngest child. She worked for Skins’ in high school and college. She is presently employed with Anderson Federal Credit Union.

My Daddy, Loyd (SKIN) Thrasher started our business in 1946. I am a shareholder in Skins’ and have been in the business since 1985. Mike, Wayne and I started our first expansion store in July of 1988 after making sure we had a thorough working knowledge of our product and operational methods. I am married to the former Kay Hunt. Kay and I have one lovely daughter, Kayla Guffee (Husband Byron). I am an avid sports fan.

Area Managers

I have been working with Skin’s since 1998. I have been married to one of Skin’s granddaughter’s since 1990. Michelle and I have 2 wonderful sons Drew and Garrett. My hobbies are fishing, golfing and sports card collecting. I also love watching sports, especially college sports.

I started working with Skins in 2000 and managed the Original and 28 bypass locations before becoming an Area Manager in 2008.My wife Pam and I have two children, Katherine and Richard, both who have worked with Skins throughout their high school and college careers. Katherine and her husband, Eric, now have blessed us with two grandsons and a granddaughter. Pam and I enjoy time with our grandkids, playing tennis, and time on the lake these days.

Office Manager

I am one of Skin’s granddaughters and the daughter of Mike and Beth Thrasher. I started in the business when I was 14 years old at the original location. I graduated from Westside High School (1988) and Anderson College (1990). I married Jamie Deaton in 1990 and we are blessed with two amazing sons Drew and Garrett. I have been working in the Home Office since 1995. I, along with my sister Dawn, handle most of the Accounting and Payroll for all 11 Skin’s locations. God has blessed me with a job that I love and I get to do it with my family around me.

Store Manager

I have been working for Skins’ for quite a few years now. I really enjoy what I am doing, especially interaction with the customers.

I started with Skins in August 2006 as a hotdog maker and was given the opportunity to become a manager in 2012. I currently manage the Mauldin store since 2018. I enjoy working for Skins and they make you feel like family. It’s by far one of the best places that I have worked at. I’m married to Aaron Roebuck and we have 2 sons (Eric, and Tay), and 4 grandchildren (Adryen, Dylen, Eric Jr, and Taylen). I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, and traveling.

I have been with Skins Hot Dogs for about 25 years. I started working here when I was in high school in 1996. My grandfather is Skin Thrasher. I remember going down to the original store on Hudgens Street when I was younger to eat lunch with my mother and I would help Skin load drink boxes. I am the third generation working in the family business. Skins’ two sons (Matt and Mike) and my father (Wayne the son in law) have owned and run the business since 1986. I graduated Pendleton High school in 2000 and attended USC Aiken on a basketball scholarship. I played three years of basketball and in the fourth year decided to try and help give back to the University, so I was elected to Student Government. I was elected as a senator of the school of Business, and I helped in the student life office as well. The fourth year was the best time of my college career because this is when I met my wonderful wife, Jacquelyn Cooper. I graduated, got married, and moved back to Anderson to come to work with the Family. I have been with Skins Hot Dogs as Manager for 17 years. I am blessed and thankful that I had the opportunity to come back to work with my family, so that I could help support my two children Landon and Kaybree, like my grandfather supported his kids, and the way that my father and two uncles did for their families as well. I thank God and I know Loyd T. Thrasher is watching over his family and friends.

I started with Skins in January of 2010. I’ve been working in the restaurant business for 35 plus years. I was a district manager with Ryan’s Family SteakHouse for 24 years, now I am a store manager for Skins’ and have been for the past 11 years. I’m married with 5 kids and 4 grandkids.

I was born and raised in Easley S.C. I currently reside in Greenville S.C. I have two brothers I’m the only girl in the family. I really enjoy reading and spending time with my god-daughter. I became employed with Skins Hotdogs in February 2002 at the Mills Ave location. Seven years later I was given the opportunity to manage the Clemson location. Now I am back managing my home store Mills Ave. It’s something I always wanted to do.I love my job It’s a great work environment and they really make you feel like apart of the family. I’m very blessed and humble to be apart of the Skins family.

I grew up in Clemson but have known the Harbin family since I can remember. In youth group, I can remember Russell going to work for his family at the various locations (back when they were only in Anderson). When it came time to get a job in high school, I knew exactly where I wanted to work. I started working at Skins’ in February 1999 at the Clemson location as a junior in high school. I continued work there through graduation and into college where I attended Clemson University for 3 semesters. A couple years after leaving school to pursue a music career, I took a leave of absence from Skins’ in the fall of 2003. I re-connected with Charles Getsinger after a few years of hiatus (as we had worked together in Clemson prior to him becoming a manager) and knowing that my schedule had opened up a bit, he urged me to get back in touch with Skins’ about returning. I returned in fall of 2007 as extra area help. I worked that way until the summer of 2008 when I trained and became a relief manager. I enjoy moving between stores and working with all the different workers and managers.

I began with the company at the original store on Hudgens Street in ’93. Skin’s was my first job. I left in ’96 to raise my children. I have four grown children who have blessed me with six grandchildren. I was pleased to hear, four years ago, that an opening for management at Skin’s was available. I was grateful that the boys- Mike, Matt, and Wayne- offered me the position and since then have trained me. I really enjoy Skin’s. The company family values resonate with my own personal values. I work with really great people at the 28-bypass location, and we work together to give the best hotdog as fast as we can.

I’m Teresa Gleason, and I am the manager of the Clemson Skins. I have been with Skins for about 5 years. I love working with this company, they are the very best to work with.

I am one of Skin’s Great-grandsons, the oldest of the Fourth Generation of our family to work at Skin’s. I started working at the 28 Bypass location in 2011 and worked there for four years. After that, I became a relief employee filling in at all locations whenever and wherever needed. In 2021, I became the Manager at the Easley Location and look forward to getting to be a part of Skin’s Legacy and putting a smile on the faces of our customers!

I started working at Skins in 2006 at the Marketplace Location. In my opinion I was trained by the best of the best, Dawn and Russell. I left to pursue a career in banking where I stayed until I had my kids and then stayed at home with them. I came back to Skins on 81 in 2018 working part time under Tracy. Making hotdogs is a lot like riding a bike. You never forget how to do it. When Tracy hung up his apron I took the position of head hotdog engineer. 😊 I love working for this company and couldn’t ask for better bosses. In my spare time I like to garden with my husband or loaf around with my kids. I have 3 beautiful children who keep me busy and on my toes.

Relieve Manager

I started at Skins as a waitress and cashier in 2016 at the 28 Bypass location. I began training to close the 28-bypass store under Alicia in 2018. In 2020, I started as a Relief Manager. I love getting to move from store to store, meet all of our awesome employees, and get to work with some of our great managers. I am grateful to Skins for so many great opportunities and look forward to the future here!

I started with skins in August of 2000. I am currently an assistant manager. I enjoy working for skins. I have a good group of coworkers and I love seeing my regular customers from time to time. I have two beautiful children Akera and Karson.

Accounting Manager

I am the daughter of Mike and Beth Thrasher and the granddaughter of Skin Thrasher. I started working part-time when I was in high school. I worked part-time until I graduated from Clemson University. Then I went to work full time in Seneca. I became the manager in Seneca in 1995. In 1996 I moved to the Market Place in Anderson as manager. In 2008 I came to work in the Home Office where, along with my sister Michelle, we handle most of the Accounting and Payroll for all of the Skin’s locations. In 2000 I married Tim Sumney and we have three great boys, Elijah, Zach and Christian. I enjoy spending time with my family, sports, and baking.